My Icelandic journey begins…

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My next language learning journey has begun and I wanted to use this blog to track my progress and hopefully be a helpful place for others who want to learn Icelandic by avoiding my mistakes and using any media I find, or create, to speed their progress.
The reason for Icelandic is very simple, I want to be able to have a chat with a native during my holiday to Iceland in November. Now just to be clear I don’t expect to have engrossing conversations about the natural beauty of the country or whale migration patterns, but being able to ask for some food or drink in a bar would be a win in my eyes. Having 3 months to learn the language I think this is very achievable if I prepare well enough and always have a goal to keep me on track.
The first goal I am going to set myself is “Learn, understand and recall common travel phrases”. As my goal is for a holiday, travel phrases seem like the most relevant place to start learning relevant vocabulary and sentence structure as long as I ensure that I understand them too. Being able to replicate sentences is fine but I want to be able to manipulate them to different situations and be able to recall them without needed specific prompts.
Now I have a goal the next steps are to find my learning media. As Icelandic isn’t as common as other languages I have learnt, from my initial searches, the available resources are going to more sparse so I will need to create a lot more of my own rather than relying on apps/websites. I will keep you updated on my progress.

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