Become a confident English Speaker in no time!

4 week speaking confidence course

English speaking practice that fits into your schedule, designed to help you feel more confident and fluent in every conversation.

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English that fits your schedule.

Content, assignments and corrections that you can do at a time that suits you.
Any day, any time!

Structured to build a strong positive English habit and routine.

Using my years of experience, I have created a structure you can follow everyday to build a strong habit and see regular progress.

Express yourself confidently

A combination of all the skills you need to learn new vocabulary and phrases and remember them in every conversation.

How does this work?

Input = Inspiration

You will receive regular content that will help you learn new phrases, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms and more.

Output = Practice

To practice speaking you will record yourself twice a week.

With these focused assignments you will practice using what you learn to improve your speaking skill

Corrections = Progress

I give you detailed corrections and explanations for every assignments, so you know what to improve and how to do it.

Meet your teacher

Hey there! I'm Sam and I am the language loving founder of Discover Fluency. My passion is to help English students find their path to fluency and become confident English speakers.

In this unique course, I will guide you on your journey to fluency with my years of English teaching and language learning experience.

I truly believe that Practice makes fluency.

Are you ready to take your English to the next level?

4 week speaking confidence course

This course has been created with all the ingredients you need to make regular consistent progress with your English speaking skills and become a confident fluent speaker in no time.

Enrollment is currently closed.

Don't just take my word for it...

Do you have any questions?

Here are some of the most common questions answered for you

This course is aimed at intermediate to advanced students with a good understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary who want to focus on improving speaking confidence and fluency. If you are a beginner, or unsure of your level, contact me.

You need a device to record a video or audio file (like a smartphone or a computer), connection to the internet and an account to a cloud storage service (like Google Drive) to store your recordings. Any doubts, contact me.

To improve your speaking skills you need time to practice and learn. The course requires 3-4 hours approximately each week. But, you can increase or decrease it to fit your schedule.

This is a flexible course that you can complete when you have time. You control when you review the content, corrections and submit your assignments. 

It’s best to practice everyday, but if you are busy you can adjust your plan.

Take the next Step on your English journey

If you are passionate about your English and finally want to feel confident, speak fluently and reach a higher level with your speaking skills, this course is perfect for you.

All you need to do is join and start seeing the progress you can make with me!