English Speaking confidence
in no time

With small daily effort, lots of practice and support from me, you will reach fluency and feel confident speaking English.

Who am i?

Sam Grigg

Hey there! 

My name’s Sam and I am an English teacher, language lover and traveler. Since I started my journey of solo language learning back in 2011, I have learnt a number of languages; including Italian, French, German, Spanish, Icelandic and Japanese.

Since then, I also trained as a professional English teacher to share my passion for languages and English knowledge with my students. After helping hundreds of students, over thousands of lessons, I know what you need to reach fluency.

Learning English is hard, believe me I know, and that’s why you need to have fun, practice regularly and get support from a knowledgeable teacher (like me!) to become a confident fluent speaker.


I also offer private lessons too!

If you want one on one speaking practice, advice and guidance with some doubts or a grammar review, a private lesson could be the right choice for you.