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It’s September which means it’s back to work or school, and fresh starts for a lot of us. It won’t be long and those cold winds and shorter days will be here (at least in the UK anyway!). Winter’s coming.

While not all the changes are welcome, I am here today to share a pretty exciting one. Something I have been working on in the background for a while now and can finally unveil it, so here it is…

Discover Fluency

The new and improved home for all things languages. Inspiration, techniques, travel and problem solving. My very own Fortress of Language Solitude.

So why the name change?

From Pillar to Posts started as an exploration of my growing love of languages. A record of my triumphs and failures, and any ideas I had along the way.

I have always loved writing and found this the perfect way to share my passion for languages. By writing about stories of travel, language learning and any little brain fart along the way.

Now though, I feel it’s time to give a little more to other language learners by sharing tips and trips from my experiences. So, this space needed to change! It’s no longer just my story. It’s all of ours…. together!

Why Discover Fluency?

For anyone learning a language, Fluency is normally the target. The holy grail at the end of the shining tunnel. The cool kids table where all the native speakers are sitting.

But what is Fluency?  There are lots of different definitions for “fluency” and over the years I’ve strived for perfection. However, I have come to realise that my definition is:

“The ability to express yourself clearly and confidently.”

Your idea of fluency can change depending on your goal but clarity and confidence will always be a constant. Spoken fluency, written fluency or travel fluency. It doesn’t matter as long as you know what you want.

I want to help language learners to find their voice, to be able to speak confidently and have fun doing it. To Discover Fluency, see what I did there? Language study in schools tends to get a bad rap. A stuffy room, with dusty books and an even dustier teacher. Endless grammar tables and vocabulary lists with no real chance to use it. For most of us, myself included, this didn’t work and left us thinking we are terrible at languages. I am here to tell you one thing. You can do it!

It’s time to try something new. Think outside the box, understand the box or throw it out entirely; and here is the place to do it. We are all completely unique and so are our learning styles. I don’t believe there is a silver bullet to become fluent. No magic wand you wave or fair language godmother (unfortunately!). But, with time, practice and patience you can get there!

What you will find here.

Each week I will be pulling something different out of my hat. Language inspiration, learning techniques and English problems solved; just to name a few.

I will use my experience as a seasoned language learner and English teacher, to give you a boost. Whatever language you are learning.

I am constantly on the hunt for new techniques, apps or ways to do things. Improving and polishing my language utility belt. And when I find something cool, guess what I, will do it and share it with all of you!

So, welcome to the party. And to kick things off, I have a prepared a set of my top tips to boost your language learning now! All you have to do is join the mailing list and it will be winging it’s way into your inbox. Just make sure to mark so I don’t go into the dreaded Spam folder. We don’t want that!

I am also a social butterfly (of course) so you can find me on Instagram (@discover_fluency) and Twitter (@sam_fluency) where I share language hacks, advice and snippets of my own language journey. I am here learning with you guys too. Pop over and say hi!

So, until next time!

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