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English Speaking Fluency in 30 minutes per day

Join the monthly membership course to build English fluency, speaking confidence and see consistent progress.

Find the words and grammar you need

Feel confident in conversation

Stop translating in your head

Express yourself fluently

I have a question for you...

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everything you need to

Become a Confident English Speaker

Daily assignments to learn, practice and develop fluency

Expert advice, guidance and support from an experience teacher

Specially selected topics to build variety and confidence

Personalised corrections and feedback to help you make consistent progress

Weekly challenges to constantly improve your skills

Exclusive private Discord channel to meet other students like you and learn together

Meet your teacher

Sam Grigg

Hey there! I’m Sam and I am the language loving founder of Discover Fluency. My passion is to help English students find their path to fluency and become confident English speakers. In this unique course, I will guide you on your journey to fluency and give you the opportunity to use and practice English everyday, because I truly believe that Practice makes fluency.

The Course Structure

How "30 minutes to English fluency" works

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How does this work?

Practice Everyday without deadlines

Daily assignments direct into your inbox that take less than 30 minutes to complete when you have time. In the morning before work, on your lunch break or at 2am, it's your choice!

Constant Inspiration

A variety of articles, videos and challenges to inspire you, teach you new vocabulary and help you immerse yourself in English on a daily basis.

Record yourself speaking English

Send two video or audio recordings of yourself speaking per week to enhance your skills, improve your pronunciation and feedback.

Corrections to learn from

Detailed written and audio feedback to help you understand your mistakes, learn from them and make progress every week

You are never alone

Access to support anytime to answer your questions and help you keep moving forward. You will always have a helping hand waiting for you when you need it.

Don't just take my word for it

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It’s Time to

Become a confident English speaker!

£ 95

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It’s Time to

Become a confident English speaker!

£ 95

Why 30 minutes to fluency?

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is aimed at intermediate to advanced students with a good understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary who want to focus on improving speaking confidence and fluency. If you are a beginner, or unsure of your level, contact me.

Developing fluency takes time, consistency and practice. With small regular effort everyday, I truly believe you will become fluent in the future. However, this will not happen in only one month and depends on a number of other factors including time spent using English elsewhere, your current level, your previous studies etc.

All assignments will be sent directly to your email address when you enroll. These include all instructions, links to materials and additional information you need to complete the assignments.

You need a device to record a video or audio file (like a smartphone or a computer), connection to the internet and an account to a cloud storage service (like Google Drive) to store your recordings. Any doubts, contact me.

The membership will automatically renew on the same day each month after you enroll. If you cancel, your membership will continue until the end of the current month. For example, you enroll on 6th November and cancel on 25th November. You will have access until 5th December when your billing period ends.

If you have extra time and want even more practice and help from me, send me an email and I can organise a custom series of assignments especially for you.

Don’t worry! This course is meant to fit around your time, so you can catch up when you are free. You can also choose to view all assignments at the start of the week, if you prefer to manage your time differently.